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Big Time Pictures is a UK-based independent production company, established in 1993. From our offices in the heart of the British film industry at Pinewood Studios, we develop and produce creatively distinctive and commercially viable feature, documentary television and transmedia projects for international markets as well corporate films, commercials, virals & music videos.

We aim to develop content that combines innovative visual storytelling techniques with the highest production values to deliver a compelling audience experience.

Production stills film/tv showcase

In Development

Projects currently in development include THE FENCE and WITH GOOD INTENTIONS.

THE FENCE (feature film) tells the fictional story of a young African girl desperate to find her baby daughter who has been kidnapped by mercenaries. Her harrowing journey involves her joining the thousands of Africans illegally entering Europe each year, and brings her face to face with an embittered Spanish policeman. Their meeting changes them both forever. In association with Iberfilm Partners S.L.

The feature length thriller, WITH GOOD INTENTIONS (working title) is based upon the 2014 short film ‘Con Buenas Intenciones’. A vacationing English family becomes lost in a remote desert region of Spain. When they finally come upon an isolated bar, they stop to ask for help. But they speak no Spanish and as they soon discover, the strange and suspicious locals speak no English. Prejudice and misunderstanding lead the locals to believe one of the ‘outsiders’ to be a dangerous criminal and they decide to take the law into their own hands in search of their own brand of justice. In association with Iberfilm Partners S.L.

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